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At Trail Monster Running we are trail runners, putting on races for trail runners because that is what we love to do. Everyone who is part of these events is a volunteer who gives of their own free time to make them possible. We try to make our races affordable and accessible, and while we are glad to see that our races are successful and popular, there is a limit to what we can do with the resources we have, and we must follow the rules that the Park sets for us.

The races are capped at 180 runners, a number that is determined by several factors including the parking capacity of the Park, but most importantly this represents a number of people that we feel can safely enjoy the technical, single-track trails at any one time. More people makes the races potentially more dangerous as people jockey for position over rugged terrain, and larger numbers of people take away from what we feel is the essence of trail running: a runner testing himself against the terrain (not running amongst large crowds of people).

The reality of being a popular race series with a limit on entries is that some people who would like to participate are not able to do so. While we wish we could make everyone happy it's more important to maintain a quality experience for the limited number of participants that we have than to maximize the number of people in each race.

We have made changes to the registration process in an attempt to allow some of those making a late decision to get in, but there are still those who miss out on the opportunity to register. This does not give them the right, however, to run the race anyway as a "bandit". It may not make much of a difference in some races, but at our events we take it seriously. Its not fair to the race organizers, volunteers and other participants when people who have not registered for the race chose to run it anyway. It's a waste of our time and resources, and disrespectful to think that we should change our policies and disobey those set forth by our host park to suit the desire of an individual who missed out on the opportunity to sign up for a race during the normal time period that registration was open (several months before the race dates). Such people are not welcome at our events.

Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Sep 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET

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Category Start Time Distance Field Limit Fee
closed Bradbury Scuffle - July 9, 2023 $30 Jul 9
9:00 AM
6 miles 180 $30
closed Bradbury Mountain Breaker - August 13, 2023 $30 Aug 13
9:00 AM
9 miles 180 $30
Bradbury Bruiser - September 10, 2023 $30 Sep 10
9:00 AM
12 miles 180 $30