Advertising with RunReg

Why Advertise on RunReg?

Thousands of runners visit daily to register for events and plan their seasons. Advertising on RunReg gives your event or brand access to this highly targeted audience. RunReg offers advertising opportunities at multiple price points, geo-targeting, and custom solutions. We’ll work with you to make sure your ad gets the most exposure it can while keeping within your budget.

The RunReg Market

RunReg users participate in all types of events and use our site to search and register for road races, fun runs, charitable events, cross country, trail races, camps, and more!

Traffic Statistics

Contact us for current site statistics as they are dynamic and always growing!

Advertising Options

Featured Event

  • Prominent text listing on home page
  • High visibility - only 4 ads on display
  • Highlighted calendar listing
  • Geo-targeted ads can be booked by state, region, or nationwide