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How To Create A Virtual Challenge

Putting on a virtual event with a challenge focus? Follow these steps to use our challenge features.

  1. When setting up your event, select “Virtual Challenge” as your primary event type. This will add a variety of settings for your event specify to virtual challenges.

  2. You will now notice an expanded selection of options for the event.

    1. Activity Data
      Select what information you want to collect regarding your participants’ activities (Distance, Time, Vertical)

    2. Collection Interval
      Determine how often you expect participants to upload/update their information. Choices are Daily or Weekly. For a shorter challenge a daily update makes sense, whereas if your challenge takes place over several weeks or months, a weekly interval makes sense. 

      You can also do a Single Activity challenge where your participants can upload ONE activity over the course of days or weeks. This works great if you want people to only compete using one activity instead of multiple activities.

    3. Strava
      You can give your participants the ability to link to their Strava account to automatically pull in activity data.

    4. In-Person Events
      Does your event have a mix of virtual and in-person registration choices? You can turn on this checkbox to allow both virtual categories and in-person.

    5. Challenge Goal
      Give your participants a goal to strive toward in one of your challenge metrics.

    6. Data Visualization
      If you want to visualize challenge progress as following a certain route (i.e. “Virtual Ride Across America”), you can supply the route here with a GPX file.