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How to update your activity data in a virtual event

If you signed up for a virtual challenge, you will be asked to enter activity data so you can earn badges and reach goals. To quickly update your activity data, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the virtual challenge’s registration page. 

2. Click on “Enter Data” from the menu bar as shown below:

3. Once you click on "Enter Data", you can enter your email and click the checkbox for the captcha:


4. Once you click the button labeled "Send me a link to enter my data", navigate to the email you used and open the email from athleteReg(BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, or SkiReg). 

5. Click "Update" in this email.

6. Now you will be brought to your personal activity page where you can update your data manually or sync to your Strava account. On this page you will also be able to see your progress and any badges you have earned from event achievements. 


a. If you are manually updating your data, enter the mileage, vertical, and/or time in each box under the dates shown.

b. If you are using Strava to automatically update your activity data, click on the “Sync Data From Strava” button and enter your credentials to log into Strava and give athleteReg access to pull your activity data. 


*If using Strava, athleteReg will only pull data from activities that line up with the challenge. For example, if you are entered into a virtual challenge ride on BikeReg, we will only pull data from bike rides on strava and not runs, walks, hikes, etc.