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Attestation waiver

The Covid-19 waiver tool is a great way to have your participants confirm that they meet certain requirements within a defined window of time prior to your event, such as being vaccinated and/or asymptomatic. 

You can choose the date that the waiver is available for participants to read and sign and if enabled, it was automatically be distributed via email on that date.

Examples of waiver attestations

Your Covid-19 waiver might have participants attest to no COVID-19 symptoms, abiding by any travel or quarantine restrictions, or other requirements you deem appropriate or have been asked to enforce.

Where to find the Covid-19 Waiver tool

You can find where to upload your Covid-19 waiver in your event setup menu :


Adding your Covid-19 Waiver

The content of your waiver can be typed or copied and pasted into the waiver text field.  

Covid-19 Waiver Settings

At the bottom of the screen you can apply the waiver to all categories or specific categories, select the dates the waiver will be available to sign, choose whether or not to automatically email participants when the waiver becomes available to sign, and enable or disable the waiver:


Now just click save and you’re all set!