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Move participants off the waitlist

Do you have a waitlist and are now ready to move registrants off of the waitlist and into the event? Follow below to move participants. If you are interested in learning about creating a waitlist, go here.

When setting up the waitlist you may remember that there were two options on how participants get moved off of the waitlist and into the event. The first is manually, and the second is automatically. Below we will talk through the mechanics of each.

Manually move participants off the waitlist

*This process can be followed regardless of what setting you chose when you set up the event

To move participants off of the waitlist, regardless of which setting you selected, go to ‘Edit/Search Registrations’ under ‘Registration Data’. Keep in mind that you will be able to move participants off of the waitlist even if the field limit has been reached.

Here you can search for the participant(s) under ‘Search Criteria’. You can also open ‘Additional Search Criteria’ and select ‘Show All Waitlists’. 


Next, select ‘Charge’ or the three dots to ‘Move into Category’ and select ‘OK’. The participant will receive a confirmation email. 


When there are multiple open spots in the event category, you will have a ‘Charge All’ option. 


Automatically Move Participants off the Waitlist

If you selected the option to ‘Automatically move participants then you can sit back. If a spot opens up our system will automatically move the next participant into the event and charge them.

*If you decide you want to move additional participants into a category even if the participant limit is reached, follow the steps above on how to manually move participants off the waitlist.