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How To Change The Category You Registered For

Please note: Depending on event settings this tool may or may not be available.

To change the the category you registered for:

Navigate to the registration page and select Edit My Entry to receive an edit entry link.

Note: If you do not see this tab that means that the event does not allow you to edit your entry. Contact the event director for further assistance through the Location & Contact tab. 


Additionally, you can edit your entry within your BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg or SkiTeg account. 

 1. Login to your BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg or SkiReg account and select My BikeReg, My RunReg, My TriReg or My SkiReg.

2. Navigate to the entry in question in the ‘My Upcoming Events’ section and click on the word ‘Edit’.

3. On the following screen, if the event director has enabled one, or both features you will see a button or buttons labeled ‘Change Category’ and/or ‘Transfer Registration’.

4.  Click on ‘Change Category’, the categories available to change into will be displayed and you may select an available category.