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Category Restrictions

Use Restrictions to keep people who are ineligible for a category from accidentally entering it. An example of this would be a male who falls into the 40-49 age group attempting to register for the 30-39 age group. Restrictions will trigger a warning when participants select a category and don't match the criteria. You can choose to receive an email if someone ignores the warning and registers anyway.

If you click “Edit restrictions based on category name” at the bottom of the General section of the edit category view, you’ll be sent directly to the Restrictions section and restrictions based on the category name will be suggested.  

To enable restrictions:

1. Login to your event director area, and click the name of the event you wish to edit.

2. Choose the “Category Setup” under "Event Setup," and then the categories you wish to enable restrictions for, and then click Restrictions.

3. Under 'General' select the button titled 'Update Restrictions from Category Name'. This will automatically find and enable restrictions.

4. OR Click “Enable Restrictions”  further down the page in the blue drop down and then the restriction options will drop down.

5. Manually select to enable restrictions, and enable email updates when the restrictions are broken. Choose from the options which restrictions you want for the category in question.

6. On BikeReg, options include restricting by road, mountain, cyclocross or track racing category. All sites include age and the date by which participants must be within age limits, and gender restriction options.

7. Click save, and repeat for other categories.