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Online Registration Deadline: Tuesday, Sep 3, 2024 at 11:00 AM ET

Total Event Registration Limit: 650

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
50 Mile $25 6:00 AM 50 miles $25
closed 50 Mile Waitlist $0 6:00 AM 50 miles $0
  • This waitlist will open when the 50 Mile category fills.
50K $25 6:00 AM 50 km $25
closed 50K Waitlist $0 6:00 AM 50 km $0
  • This waitlist will open when the 50K category fills.
20 Mile $25 8:00 AM 20 miles $25
closed 20 Mile Waitlist $0 8:00 AM 20 miles $0
  • This waitlist will open when the 20 Mile category fills.
Half Marathon $25 8:00 AM 21 km $25
closed Half Marathon Waitlist $0 8:00 AM 21 km $0
  • This waitlist will open when the Half Marathon category fills.
10K $25 8:00 AM 10 km $25
closed 10K Waitlist $0 8:00 AM 10 km $0
  • This waitlist will open when the 10K category fills.
Free Youth Fun Run $0 10:00 AM $0
closed Free Youth Fun Run Waitlist $0 10:00 AM $0
  • This waitlist will open when the Free Youth Fun Run category fills.

Event Items

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Sponsor Another Runner

We keep the cost of all TARC events low to try and make our events as accessible as we can. It is our hope that everyone can have the opportunity to get out and experience the trails. Please consider donating to support the cost of entry fee scholarships for other participants. Participants who would like to request support can email us, and partial or full entry fee support will be given as long as funding supports it.

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TARC Neck Buff - $7

Show off your Yeti love with this functional neck tube! This purchase will be available for pickup with your bib the day of the event.


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