Presented by Trail Animals Running Club


Online Registration Deadline: Monday, Mar 20, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET

Total Event Registration Limit: 165

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Field Limit Fee
6-Hour $32 8:00 AM 6 hours 125 $32
  • Run as many (or as few) full loops of the 5k(ish) course as you can (or want) in 6 hours.
closed 6-Hour Waitlist $0 8:00 AM 6 hours 125 $0
  • THIS IS THE WAITLIST FOR THE 6 HOUR! If there are no spots remaining in the 6 hour run, register for the waitlist. Runners will be moved into the race (and charged ) as spots become available.
5k $20 8:00 AM 5 km 40 $20
  • Only looking for one loop? Join the 5k! A great way to test your speed or dip your toes into the trail running scene with TARC!
closed 5k Waitlist $0 8:00 AM 5 km 40 $0
  • THIS IS THE WAITLIST FOR THE 5K! If the 5k is full, register here and runners will be moved to the race (and charged) as spots become available.

Event Items

Add donations and merchandise to your registration below. You can also donate or purchase items without registering.


TARC Neck Gaiter - pick up at race - $7

We will have TARC neck gaiters available at To Hale and Back! These will only be [+more]


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