Online Registration Deadline: Sunday, Mar 17, 2024 at 5:00 PM CT

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Membership Type Notes Fee
Camp Team $0 $0
  • Volunteers work under the direction of event staff to setup, tear-down, and re-position camp each day. This work can be physically demanding but provides ample time to rest once all tasks are complete
Only 5 spots available!
Checkpoint Team / Sweeper $0 $0
  • Volunteers on the checkpoint team support hikers and runners during each stage which provide close contact with the competitors. Can also sweep/hike course between checkpoints.
Only 4 spots available!
Course Team $0 $0
  • The course team will mark the course and rove as necessary throughout the race. Applicants should possess high fitness as days can require up 15 miles on foot. Experience with GPS navigation preferred
Only 3 spots available!
4x4 Driver - OWN VEHICLE $0 $0
  • Own vehicle required: minimum passenger capacity 4 adults, fully functioning 4×4, interior storage space, insurance covering health/bodily damage and property damage. Maintenance stipend available
Only 5 spots available!
Media Team $0 $0
  • Candidates with experience working in photography, video, or as a journalist, PR/Media are encouraged to apply. Media personnel are required to provide their own equipment with insurance if desired.
Only 1 spot available!
Medical Team $0 $0
  • Qualifications: current license to provide medical care (i.e. paramedics, emergency medical physicians/fellows, wilderness/austere/outdoor medicine, sports medicine md. Travel stipend available.
Only 5 spots available!
closed Withdrawal $0 $0
closed Race director $0 $0

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814 Cottonwood Creek Rd, Alpine, TX  79830
Event Phone Number:
(432) 294-5284
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